Forced to move to Finland with her parents, Kalwa Simonen finds her new home mercilessly boring. Yet Kalwa still dreams to live the adventures similar to those in her favorite comics. She gets her chance when she discovers a cellphone that lets her time travel, and embarks. But with obstacles and villains all around her, and a sinister organization at the heart of it all, will Kalwa get more than what she bargained for?


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Witch of Time

Special Halloween art of Kalwa as the Witch of Time!!! Higher resolution can be found on the official Kalwa website.

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Page 10 UPDATE

I wasn't exactly happy with chapter 15 page 10 last Friday, I had actually been under a lot of pressure getting camera angles working and didn't think they came off as particularly epic looking. So I went back this weekend and redrew the pages with better shots, you can see the comparison here.

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KALWA FINALLY HAS A WEBSITE, where we will be posting news and behind the scenes work as well as artwork:

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Chapter 1 now complete.

That's a wrap everyone, chapter 1 has now officially concluded. We spent this chapter mostly introducing the cast, but now we're ready to have some real fun. We'll be taking a break for the next two months while we get the next chapter ready. The next chapter will debut on Wednesday November 4th, with updates on both Wednesday and Friday. See you all then.

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